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AuraGlow™ LED LuminaMask

AuraGlow™ LED LuminaMask

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Introducing the AuraGlow™ LuminaMask

This revolutionary beauty device brings professional skincare treatments to the comfort of your own home.

  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase collagen production
  • Reduce acne and prevent breakouts

This mask offers a comprehensive skincare solution. Each color targets specific skin concerns, providing targeted treatment and addressing a wide range of skincare needs. From reducing acne and blemishes to minimizing wrinkles and improving skin tone, this mask is your all-in-one skincare companion.

Experience the power of light therapy and unlock the secret to radiant, youthful-looking skin.

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Micro Improvements

  • LEDs And Wavelengths

60 x 5W LEDs
Red light peaking 660nm

Near -infrared at 850nm

  • Irradiance

15cm = 125mw/cm2

30cm = 104mw/cm2

Red light: Improves skin, rejuvenate, dilutes wrinkles, and deep repair.

Blue light: Calms skin, balances secretion, and controls oil.

Yellow light: Decomposes pigments, detoxifies lymph, and improves roughness.

Green light: Balance water and oil, soothes the spirit, balance and stability.

Purple light: Treats acne, remove acne marks.

Cyan light: Metabolism, and enhance energy.

Grey light: Breaks down stains, improve fine lines.

White light: Anti-inflammation, for tightening and firming.

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The Secret Celebrity's don't want you to know about.

Proven to work and fix:

       ✔ Acne

       ✔ Rosacea

       ✔ Fine Lines

       ✔ Wrinkles

       ✔ Scarring

       ✔ Eczema

       ✔ Sun Damage

       ✔ Dermatitis

       ✔ Inflammation

       ✔ Anti-Aging


Advanced LED Photon Therapy: The AuraGlow LuminaMask utilizes 7 colors of LED photon therapy, targeting specific skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, and dullness.

Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging: The LED photon therapy stimulates collagen production, promoting skin rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Brightening and Tone Correction: The different colors of LED light can help improve skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and enhance overall brightness.

Recommended*: Will start to notice difference after 2 weeks of consistency & (If you want faster results, it is recommended that you also use professional related skin care products. LED lights will promote the absorption of skin care products and enhance the effectiveness of skin care products, then the effect is better)

Color: White
Power: Usb Cable
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Using time: about 30-40mins

What is included

1 x AuraGlow™ LuminaMask

1 x USB Charger

1 x Manual

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