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EdgeMaster™ Hairline Filler

EdgeMaster™ Hairline Filler

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Instantly Enhance your Hairline & Boost Your confidence with ease.

The EdgeMaster™ instantly builds your hair with natural Keratin Fibres.

You will see a fuller head of hair in JUST 10 Minutes

Instant Transformation: The EdgeMaster gives you the power to boost your appearance and confidence in seconds, perfect for last-minute meetings or spontaneous social outings.

Healthy Hair Care: The safe and gentle formulation of Keratin fibers ensures that while you're improving your look, you're also taking care of your hair and scalp health, avoiding harsh chemicals.

Natural Appearance: Enhances your look subtly, maintaining your authentic style, which boosts your social confidence in both professional and personal settings.

Long-Lasting and Durable: Does not need frequent touch-ups & provides assurance that your style will hold whether you are at the gym or in rain

Versatile Application: Suitable for both men & women, EdgeMaster™ adapts to various hair colours and styles, making it an inclusive solution for anyone looking to enhance their hairline, regardless of their hair’s characteristics.


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EdgeMaster is more than just a hair product; it's a revolution in hairline enhancement and grooming.

Crafted for those who value both efficiency and style, EdgeMaster offers an instant, natural-looking solution to thinning hair. Its innovative formula seamlessly blends with your existing hair, providing a fuller, more defined hairline in mere seconds.

Ideal for both men and women, EdgeMaster caters to a variety of hair types and styles, ensuring that everyone can achieve their desired look with ease.

Its long-lasting, weather-resistant properties mean that you can step out with confidence, come rain or during gym sessions. Beyond just enhancing your hair, EdgeMaster is about empowering your presence, enriching your style, and transforming the way you see yourself.

Embrace the change and experience the unmatched confidence that comes with a perfectly groomed appearance, all thanks to EdgeMaster.

The Benefits

  1. Ideal for both men and women.
  2. Natural Keratin formula, safe to use.
  3. Fits any hair type or hairstyle.
  4. Easy to apply, last for a few days.
  5. Rain, wind, and perspiration proof.
  6. Washes out with normal shampoo.
  7. Compatible with Minoxidil!

What is included

1 x EdgeMaster™ with *Specific colour chosen by YOU.

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